There is no wrong way to eat an avocado but there is a right way, and that’s including it in your breakfast.

Avocados were ranked as the most popular produce of 2017 and accolade it fully deserved. This beloved fruit is the creamy ingredient you find in guacamole and renowned for a high concentration of healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is therefore, easy to see why it is the main ingredient in smoothies and baked foods among others.

Besides being a versatile fruit, the avocado is delicious, satisfying, and can be taken anytime of the day. When you start your day your day with an avocado for breakfast, you provide your body with a nutritious fruit rich in essential minerals to keep you going all day long.

Below are five ways to include avocados in your breakfast:

Baked foods

The high-fat content and creamy texture mean that the avocado can be used in baked foods instead of butter. This helps to significantly lower the calorie content. While half a cup of butter features 813 calories, the same of mashed avocado offers just 184 calories.


Who doesn’t enjoy when an avocado is used on sandwiches or spread on toast? If that does not thrill you, you can still enjoy it blended into a drink. Spice up this drink by adding beets and pineapples in your avocado recipe.

On Toast

Spreading avocado over toast gives you a quick and delicious snack that also makes your breakfast unique. With just a few additions, you can make your avocado toast even more enticing.

Avocado Scrambled Eggs

This green fruit and eggs are great friends. There is no better way to kickstart your day than by enjoying an avocado with scrambled eggs. To make this delicacy, cook your eggs nice and fluffy then add sliced avocado pieces. Treat your family to this delicious yet simple recipe and make their breakfast tasty.

Avocado with Baked Eggs

This recipe includes three simple steps that will help you make a unique morning meal. A single serving of an Avocado with baked eggs will provide the body with 4% of the recommended daily fiber intake.

Here, at JJ’s Bar & Grille, you will be able to enjoy weekly, chef inspired breakfast creations where avocado is the main ingredient. We invite you to be our guest! Come and visit us for breakfast this week.