Ever heard of the Moscow Mule? This should ring a bell in your mind especially if you are a lover of drinks. It is the famous drink that has been trending for the past few years. There are three ‘geniuses’ who made this drink through, for lack of a better word, guesswork. They were Sophie Berezinski, John Martin, and Jack Morgan. They all had one thing in common, their products were not selling. So, when they finally met in a pub called Cock ‘n’ Bull, they decided to try out something else. They mixed what each one of them had in her copper mugs. After some few trials and errors, they managed to come up with one hell of a cocktail which they named it the Moscow Mule. Remember, all this happened in Moscow, Russia and that is where part of the name came from.  

Now, where am I heading with all these? You ask? I wanted to let you know that we also have our version of ‘Moscow Mule’. We call it Melbourne Mule. Well, maybe it’s not called Melbourne Mule, but we couldn’t help it but play with the words!  

In order to come up with the something that is quite similar to Moscow Mule, we always mix the ingredients that we have. Here is our recipe. But first, the ingredients are copper mug, fresh lime juice, Smirnoff vodka, ice, and ginger beer. All of them are quite essential in coming up with Melbourne Mule cocktail. So, here we go:

Melbourne Mule recipe

When all the ingredients are in place, the first thing to do is to dip the ice into that copper mug. Squeeze some lemon juice into it and then pour 2 ounces of vodka into the mixture. Finally, add the ginger beer on top of the mixture. This is as good as finished. And, this is how we make our Melbourne Mule cocktail. Isn’t it quite interesting? I bet it is.  

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