Since the 1970s, the success of Australian wines has been almost unmatched by producers from the territories often referred to as the “New World”; by the year 2000, Australia overtook France as the main exporter of wines into the U.K. for the first time in the wine production industry. One of the most successful wines of recent years has been 19 Crimes, from a vineyard that has been in operation for over 140 years under the name Baileys of Glenrowan. Known for their impressive blended red wines, 19 Crimes has become known for creating a high-quality blend featuring Shiraz, Sangiovese, and Grenache; the 19 Crimes brand name has been developed from the number of crimes that would send an individual to Australia from England when the nation was an English penal colony.


The English wine industry was largely focused on the import of fine wines from the traditional wine producing regions of Europe in France, Italy, and Spain. However, in the 20th-century the development of Australian wines once again brought about strong links between the U.K. and Australia as wine merchants were attracted to the flavors and odors of the “New World”. Now the fourth-largest wine producer in the world, Australia has grown from largely fortified and sweet wines to a producer of various varieties of wines. The 19 Crimes brand is a reflection of the many different types of wines available from Australia and shows off high-quality of a wine producing company at the height of its powers.


Since the Middle Ages, English wine merchants have been at the heart of the international wine trade and remain successful through to the present day, which saw English merchants sell the majority of wines to Australia before the arrival, on an international scale of Australia as a wine producer. The links between the English and Australia continue as 19 Crimes ensures the history of Australia as a penal colony is reflected in its labels. These feature real-life criminals and the crimes committed to book a passage to Australia; with names like “The Warden” and “The Banished”, 19 Crimes is making sure the rich history, culture and wine-making abilities of Australia as a whole remain popular around the world.


The Australian and English wine industries have been intrinsically linked since the “First Fleet” made its way to the colony of Australia in 1788 and brought wines with it to the Cape of Good Hope. Centuries later, we are happy to offer 19 Crimes here, at JJ’s Bar & Grille in Melbourne, FL. We invite you to come and taste history!